fredag den 9. november 2012

Cello and its great players I

Lets start with Erling Bløndal Bengtsson:
and here is a few great recordings:

Max Reger and Eugene Ysaye

And of course his masterfull Bach recordings. Great sounds!

Here a lovely disc with music from Vagn Holmboe, a great way to discover e great composer.

The quintet for brass is a gem.

Then on to Anner Bylsma:

As always Vivaldi is a surprising composer to visit, and this CD is pleasure and fresh inspiration.

Bylsma and Tafelmusik and Lamon

And now to shadows and pleasures of years now gone, but kept on records and CDs.
The great Pablo Casals, cello, conductor, chamber music


Here  the Schumann concerto and smaller pieces for cello.

And this chamber record no men want to miss.

Alfred Cortot, Jacques Thibaud and Casals in two music pieces wrote for angels, and played by angels.
I always get new hopes, listening to this CD.


And not to be missed his famous Bach

But music is not always once upon a time. New players are always coming, and they get better and better.
Han-Na Chang f.ex. in a strong recording of two Prokofiev masterpieces:

and the fine debut recording in cooperation with Rostropovich:

recordings like these means that one can stay at home, turn on the stereo, and then listening to art of highest meaning and quality.

And it is a pleasure everyone can pay.

A new cellist (for me) ia Natalia Clein. The recording of Bloch and Bruch is a winner. Especially the Bloch deserves this recording, really a surprise, and a good one too.

Here is a another great Vivaldi record with cello:
 Christophe Coin with AAM on the always great sounding L'Oiseau label. Music as fresh as fresh streaming water.


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